MIKOB SERVICES, operating as MAK Logistics, is reshaping the environmental services landscape from our hub in Midland,
Texas. Our mission remains unshaken: addressing intricate challenges emphasizing safety and environmental soundness.
From blueprinting remediation programs, developing Risk Management Plans (RMP), Process Safety Management Plans
(PSM), applying for air permits, strategizing Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure plans, conducting site investigations, and conceptualizing new processes, our commitment is unparalleled and defined.


Our mission is to engineer solutions to complex challenges with safety and environmental factors as key parameters for problem resolution that are always on target concerning scope, timing, and cost.


MIKOB SERVICES was founded in Midland, TX, in 2019 with great clients in industries such as Agriculture, Chemical Manufacturing, and Litigation who were troubleshooting environmental health and safety obstacles.

Over the last five years, MIKOB SERVICES has grown and diversified its client base in the private sector and currently consults on projects in more Texas and New Mexico.


MIKOB SERVICES has excelled in helping our customers through a focused and
forward-thinking approach to help achieve defensible solutions with maximum
operational flexibility. Our company will conduct its business ethically and in a reputable manner, and we will always strive to keep up to date with scientific and regulatory theory and practice to remain at the forefront of our industry.

We retain the flexibility of smaller and well-experienced vendors to meet specialized needs through a rapid and thorough response in all areas of the business, and we have the significant resources of a larger company to ensure superior customer support.


Ovintiv USA Inc.

We have been providing services to OVINTIV.
Services provided include:
•Cleaning up the chemical spill by remediation
•Battery Tank washing of any height
•Reclamation services

Callon Petroleum

MAK Logistics has consistently provided services to
CALLON PETROLEUM. We have been their preferred
service provider managing their:
•Water Treatment Plant Recycles Facility operations
•On-the-fly Water Treatment operations

At MAK Logistics Inc, we are driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a dedication to innovation, which empowers us to provide unmatched services to our customers in these key areas.



+1 (432) 813-6624

406 N Midland Drive
Midland Texas 79703